Who we are

We are a gathering of people who worship God because we have been saved from our sins by Jesus Christ.

Maidenbower Baptist Church

We are an independent reformed Baptist church which has been meeting in Crawley since 1971, and in the neighbourhood of Maidenbower since 1996. Our worship is simple, sincere, reverent and joyful; our focus is the Triune God of our salvation. Visitors of all ages, backgrounds and experience are welcome to any of our services. We hold to the doctrines of grace, as expressed in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. As a church, we have covenanted together to hold to the Lord and to each other, and to walk in the fear of the Lord; to submit ourselves to the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the elders he has given to his church; to work and pray for the advance of Christ’s kingdom; to promote the unity and peace of his church; to exhort, love and edify one another.

The declared purpose of this church of Jesus Christ is to glorify the God of the Scriptures in promoting his worship, evangelising sinners, edifying saints, planting and strengthening churches, and showing benevolence to the needy. We are committed to the proclamation of God’s perfect law and the glorious gospel of his grace throughout the world and to the defence of “the faith once delivered to the saints.

Our Pastors

Pastor Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker was born to godly parents and was converted to Christ during his teenage years. He has been a pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church since 2003. He is married to Alissa, with whom he enjoys the blessing of three children. He has authored several books and blogs at Reformation21 and The Wanderer.