What to expect

When you come into one of our Sunday services, what can you expect?

When you come to one of our Sunday services, you can expect to find a congregation of all ages and backgrounds, drawn from many countries around the world, but joined together because of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will get a warm welcome at the door, and there will be people to help you, especially if it is your first time coming to a church meeting.

Our worship is simple and sincere, reverent and joyful. All the people gather in our main hall (though there is a nursery available for very young children). Typically, our meetings include reading from the Bible with an explanation of the meaning of what we read. We sing psalms and hymns accompanied by simple tunes that the whole congregation can appreciate. We pray to God, bringing our praises to him and asking for the things we need as his people. The main element of each service is the sermon, usually lasting forty minutes or so, where we look in more detail at some particular portion of the Bible, God’s Word, and it is explained and applied. At the end of the service, there is an opportunity to speak with others, or to ask the preacher questions. Once a month (usually on the second Sunday), we have a meal together after the morning service. In the evenings, we normally serve refreshments after the meeting so that we can spend a little more time together. We celebrate, from time to time, the Lord’s supper, which is a special and simple meal that reminds us of the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross for his people. Also, when someone becomes a Christian, we have a baptismal service as they join the church.

It may be that you have never been in a church building before, or never been at a church like this. Please be assured of a sincere welcome. The Bible says that true and lasting happiness only comes through having the living God as our help and our hope (Psalm 146.5). We want you to bring glory to the God of heaven and earth, and to enjoy the blessings of knowing God through his Son, Jesus Christ. So, please, do visit us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and to explain more about God’s good news to sinners like us. We hope to see you soon.